Feminists in Action
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Our Mission

We are activist women.  We educate and challenge ourselves.  We elect progressive women.  We show up with our bodies and minds and hearts where needed.  We work toward racial justice and equality of all kinds.  We hold space and each other, together.

No self-respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex.
— Susan B. Anthony

Los Angeles Voter’s Guide


A voting Guide from a few of our members


Prop 1: YES
Prop 2: YES
Prop 3: NO
Prop 4: YES
Prop 5: NO!
Prop 6: NO!
Prop 7: YES
Prop 8: YES
Prop 10: YES!
Prop 11: NO
Prop 12: YES
LA County Measure W: YES
City Charter Amendment B : YES
City Charter Amendment E: YES 
LAUSD Charter Amendment EE: YES 


Governor: Gavin Newsom
Lt. Governor: Ed Hernandez 
Secretary of State: Alex Padilla 
Controller: Betty Yee
Treasurer: Fiona Ma
Attorney General: Xavier Becerra 
Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara 
Board of Equalization: Tony Vazquez 


Senator: Kevin De Leon
House Races: Vote for Democrats


Carol A. Corrigan: NO 
Everyone Else: YES


NO on Victoria G. Chaney
NO on Helen Bendix
YES on Elwood Lui
NO on Victoria M. Chavez
YES on Luis A. Lavin
YES on Halim Dhanidina
YES on Anne Egerton
NO on Nora M. Manella
NO on Thomas Willhite
YES on Dorothy Kim
YES on Carl H. Moor
YES on Lamar W. Baker
YES on Arthur Gilbert
YES on Martin J. Tangeman
YES on Gail R. Feuer
YES on John L. Segal
NO on Tricia A. Bigelow


Office No. 4: A. Veronica Sauceda 

Office No. 16: Patti Hunter

Office No. 60: Holly Hancock

Office No. 113: Javier Perez


Superintendent of Public Education: Tony Thurmond


LA County Assessor: Jeffrey Prang

LA County Sheriff: Alex Villanueva



Photo: Lisa Whiteman

Photo: Lisa Whiteman

Photo: Lisa Whiteman

Photo: Lisa Whiteman

Flip the 49th.JPG

Based in Los Angeles, Feminists in Action (FIA-LA) is a network who galvanizes action and results. Here is some of what we've accomplished since November 2016:

  • Our off-shoot, Drain the NRA, were the mobilizing organization behind the People’s Action Against Gun Violence march in Los Angeles, attracting over 1,000 protesters and national media coverage.
  • Partnered with Bake America Great to raise over $65,000 for Planned ParenthoodBlack Lives Matter LA, Black Student Alliance at University of Virginia, Miry's List and the International Rescue Committee.
  • Traveled to California's 49th District (San Diego County) to canvass in support for flipping the district.
  • Raised over $7,500 for the Bresee Foundation after-school programs and family services through our first Resist-Dance Party.
  • Hosted several potluck benefits which raised thousands of dollars for Miry’s List, a nonprofit organization that assists refugee families resettling in the U.S.
  • Worked with The Big Hundred to invite America to take 100 Actions during the first 100 days of the Trump administration.
  • Organized a Drain the NRA protest at the LA TrueCar offices in response to the money the company puts into advertising within NRA paraphernalia.
  • Hosted frequent postcarding sessions for various progressive issues, including flipping CA's 25th district and supporting Alabama's Doug Jones' successful run against Roy Moore.
  • Arranged furniture/clothing/diaper drives for organizations in need, such as The Downtown Women's Center, Big Sunday, and Miry's List.
  • Set up family-run lemonade stands raising $900 for the Houston Food Bank after Hurricane Harvey.
  •  Started several monthly book clubs around LA to tackle the topic of white privilege.



Our space is committed to acknowledging and respecting differences and commonalities.  

Photo: Lisa Whiteman

Photo: Lisa Whiteman


We are committed to creating a space where women of color can participate and lead.  We are committed to creating a queer affirming space and freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking.  We are committed to creating a women affirming space free from misogyny, sexism and male centeredness where women can participate and lead.

 We are committed to making our space family friendly enabling mothers to participate and lead with their children. We are committed to creating a space that is free from ageism and where women of all generations can participate and lead.  

Photo: Lisa Whiteman

Photo: Lisa Whiteman

Photo: Lisa Whiteman

Photo: Lisa Whiteman


We are committed to embracing and making space for our trans sisters to participate and lead.  We are committed to creating a space for all differently abled women to participate and lead. We are committed to practicing justice, liberation and peace in our engagements with one another.